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Letters to the Editor
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Letters to the Editor

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Crews with BCS Enterprises use heavy equipment to remove scrap and debris as they bring down the colorful buildings of La Placita Village on Feb. 13, 2018, in downtown Tucson, Ariz. Current plans call for apartments to be built with space for ground-floor retail and a restaurant and coffee shop.

Rethinking football at UA

At the risk of mentioning the unmentionable and inviting every past and present linebacker to pile on, perhaps the UA should seriously consider taking a 3-5 year hiatus from NCAA football and use the time to realign the athletic department’s goals and the means to reach those goals.

It is abundantly clear that the football program is lacking. The installation of a new coach will not solve the issues of recruiting, retention, low attendance, bowl game rewards, stadium upgrades, local ignominy, student-athlete disappointment, etc.

This is not meant as a criticism of the athletic director, President Robert Robbins or any of the coaches or players. They’ve played the hands they were dealt.

Realistically, I recognize that it may be time to retrench, reexamine and revise the purpose in fielding a football team. We can applaud the school’s past efforts, but we should take bold steps to improve the university in a more holistic manner that includes academics, research, student services and sports participation.

Bob Kovitz

East side

Some ideas for Biden, from a Republican

President-elect Joe Biden says he will work for all of us. As a long-time Republican, I have suggestions.

First, we need a law and order society in which the safety and constitutional rights of all people, not just some, is paramount. Second, the pandemic is the right time to expand health care to all Americans and put it on a pay-as-you-go basis. Third, the Russians have been waging cyberwar on us with impunity. This is unacceptable. We must counterattack, and rebuild our cyberdefense.

Last, but far from least, our confidence in the electoral process must be restored. Abolish the Electoral College; it produces a president based on a handful of states, thus inviting corruption and controversy, and disenfranchising tens of millions of voters.

Establish an apolitical agency guaranteed to produce an ethical count of the popular vote


Walter Mann


Debate over ‘doctor’ is telling for GOP

Recent anxiety about Jill Biden’s “doctor” title is more significant than it first appears by highlighting factors contributing to the decay in our always-fragile national unity.

First, it shows the ease with which conservatives display their misogyny. Some, thinking nothing about referring to Henry Kissinger as “doctor,” are suddenly distressed at the idea of a woman rightfully commanding the respect she deserves with that title. Second, it accentuates the anti-intellectualism which has been growing in this country since before Dr. Isaac Asimov penned his essay on the “Cult of Ignorance” over 40 years ago.

Additionally, the internet gives the false impression to shallow thinkers that watching a YouTube video places their level of understanding with that of a person who has studied for years and repeatedly proven their knowledge .

This might explain how millions came to elect a con man as president and even still reject the factual evidence of his defeat.

Rick Scifres

Green Valley

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